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7 Wellness Trends Set to Take Over in 2024

In a time marked by challenging global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis, our focus on wellness has never been stronger. The world has seen remarkable shifts, and people around the world are experiencing higher rates of stress and lower levels of happiness.

But something incredible is happening amidst these struggles: wellness is becoming more inclusive and vital for everyone. It’s not just about physical health anymore either. A recent survey showed that 65% of women and 52% of men believe mental health is just as important as physical well-being. This change reflects a growing understanding of the deep connection between our mental, physical, and emotional health.

Our approach to wellness is evolving too. It’s not just about exercise or diets; it’s about understanding how our gut and brain health are intertwined and how our mental, emotional, and physical well-being influence each other.

Spirituality isn’t left behind either. It now plays a prominent part of our wellbeing as well, blending with technology to enhance our overall health.

With a rising interest in brain health and a significant focus on women’s health solutions, wellness is no longer just for a select few—it’s becoming a shared journey towards a balanced and happier life for everyone, bringing together our mind, body, and spirit.

These seven 2024 wellness trends represent significant shifts in consumer needs, attitudes and concerns. 

Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Sleep

Sleep Wellness

In the quest for enhanced vitality and sustained well-being, the spotlight remains on sleep as a pivotal element of holistic wellness in 2024. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a staggering 1 in 3 Americans grapples with insufficient sleep, catalyzing a pursuit among consumers for remedies to elevate their energy reserves and fortify long-term health.

Within the realm of wellness, the prominence of sleep hygiene and structured routines has gained considerable attention among mindful American consumers. A majority, as revealed by a MindBody survey, actively engage in tailored sleep rituals, incorporating regular exercise, adhering to consistent bedtimes, and fine-tuning their sleep environment to optimize restfulness.

Innovative solutions are on the rise too, catering to diverse preferences in the pursuit of a restful night. Cutting-edge products such as smart beds, wearable sleep tech, comforting body pillows, sleep masks, and ambient adult night lights are gaining traction. And alternative therapies like invigorating cold plunges and the serenity of float therapies have emerged as sought-after practices for better sleep.

Supplementation trends reflect an increased interest in natural aids. Google searches for sleep-supporting supplements like magnesium and ashwagandha have experienced a remarkable triple-digit surge in inquiries over the past year.

The focus on sleep extends beyond individual routines, influencing sectors like travel and hospitality. Luxury hotels like Belmond Cadogan in London have adapted by introducing personalized sleep concierge services and curated pillow menus, acknowledging the growing importance of quality rest when travelling.

As 2024 unfolds, it’s clear that the focus on sleep as a pillar of holistic wellness persists. It continues to shape trends and innovations across various industries and personal lifestyles, reaffirming its pivotal role in our pursuit of a balanced and healthy life.

Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Energy

Energy Amplified

Consumers are actively refining their lifestyle approaches to boost energy levels, emphasizing various parts of their daily routines. From fine-tuning blood sugar control to refining sleep habits and embracing plant-based diets, there’s a clear trend toward optimizing personal energy reserves.

While coffee remains a morning essential, there’s a noticeable shift toward enhancing it with natural energy-boosting elements. People are keen on elevating their morning brew with natural supplements to enhance its revitalizing effects.

Research from Holland and Barrett sheds light on sought-after natural energy enhancers. Nootropics, caffeine-infused products spanning toothpastes, supplements, and convenient stirring sticks for hot drinks, have gained substantial traction. And, substances like Zynamite, sourced from mango leaf, are gaining attention for their potential to enhance mental alertness and combat fatigue, appealing to those seeking sustained energy levels.

This surge in energy-focused endeavors seamlessly aligns with our other top wellness trends, forming a holistic narrative of well-being. The synergy between optimizing sleep, diet, and energy levels underscores a balanced and invigorated lifestyle approach that is set to soar in 2024.

Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Sober

Sober-Curious Lifestyles

With the rise of zero-proof alcohol claiming an increasing amount of shelf space, a shift towards prioritizing holistic health and wellness is steering more individuals toward sober or sober-curious lifestyles.

This lifestyle shift is manifesting in various ways:

Sober dating: A growing trend involves socializing without alcohol, fostering connections that aren’t reliant on drinks to spark conversations or connections.

Alcohol-free evenings: Embracing nights without alcohol has become a choice for many, especially Gen Z and millennials. They’re bidding farewell to hangovers and embracing the “sober curious” mindset, opting for buzz-free drinks that preserve the fun without the physical or mental repercussions of alcohol.

The surge in searches for mocktails, which has soared by an impressive 137% compared to the previous year, underscores this growing movement. In New York City, innovative establishments like Fat Tiger, a pioneering dry speakeasy, represent a growing trend in offering nightlife experiences devoid of alcohol. These spaces are poised to become fixtures in the social scene, catering to those seeking vibrant socializing without the need for alcoholic beverages.


Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ AI

Bespoke AI Workouts and Trainers

In the fitness space, artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer, introducing hyper-personalized workout and nutrition plans that revolutionize how individuals approach their wellness journey. Through detailed data analysis, AI-powered apps craft tailored workout routines designed specifically to align with an individual’s objectives, preferences, and physical limitations.

Real-time adaptability: These systems adjust workout plans in real-time as users progress. This adaptability ensures that individuals are consistently challenged and engaged, fostering sustained commitment to their fitness routines.

Dietary insights: AI-driven app go beyond the gym, examining dietary patterns to offer custom-tailored meal plans and nutritional advice aimed at supporting and optimizing each individual’s unique fitness goals.

Detailed tracking: AI’s comprehensive feedback mechanisms play a pivotal role too. These systems diligently track progress, offering insights into areas that could benefit from improvement, while also celebrating significant milestones achieved along the fitness journey.

Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Gut Health

Gut Health & Probiotics

The prevalence of gut-related issues has sparked a surge in interest in gut health, leading consumers to seek probiotic supplements. This newfound awareness of the profound connection between gut well-being and overall health has propelled probiotics beyond their usual confines, now found not only in supplements but also in unexpected places.

We’re seeing more probiotic-rich options, like kimchi and sauerkraut, pop up at salad bars and restaurants, and spotting skin microbiome-supporting products like Cymbiotika’s Probiotic Hand Soap online. These elements are making their way into unexpected spaces, emphasizing the growing recognition of their health benefits.

Notably, the global market for Kombucha, a probiotic-rich beverage, is forecasted to experience exponential growth. It’s projected to skyrocket from an estimated $3.4 million to an astounding $17.1 billion by 2033, with an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.4%. This meteoric rise further underscores the increasing popularity and market expansion of probiotic-infused products.

Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Sustainability

Growing Sustainability

Consumers are broadening their sustainability expectations beyond mere product packaging, and embracing eco-conscious practices across various facets of their wellness lifestyles.


The sustainability wave has reached new corners of the wellness routine:

Waterless pedicures: A rising trend in nail care is the waterless pedicure, heralded as a more hygienic and environmentally conscious alternative. This dry pedicure option is gaining remarkable traction, witnessing a 177% surge in searches compared to the previous year. Establishments like Glosslab are at the forefront, exclusively offering this trendy and eco-friendly service, aligning with the shifting consumer focus on sustainability in beauty routines.

Fitness studios joining the movement: Fitness establishments are also actively engaging in sustainable initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. This includes a shift towards eco-friendly equipment crafted from sustainable materials or designed to minimize energy consumption. Think self-powered treadmills and weights made from recycled materials. Moreover, these studios are partnering with brands that produce workout gear from sustainable or recycled materials, promoting eco-conscious choices to their clientele.

Green studio spaces: Sustainability isn’t just about equipment and gear; it extends to the very design and ethos of fitness studios. These spaces are being consciously crafted with sustainability in mind, encompassing features like energy-efficient lighting and the use of sustainable materials for interiors. This holistic approach underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility throughout the fitness experience, aligning with the evolving expectations of consumers towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Wellness Trends 2024 DEW IQ Hormones

Hormone Health

In 2024, the momentum surrounding female hormonal health is set to surge following a remarkable 1,960% growth in Google searches targeting hormonal imbalances in females observed in 2023. This sharp rise indicates a monumental shift as women actively embrace ownership of a traditionally secretive aspect of their health.

Fueled by the growing “period positivity” movement, conversations about the menstrual cycle are gaining momentum, allowing for more open discussions on a previously taboo topic. Notably, sustainable options like period underwear are gaining popularity among British women, showing a shift towards eco-friendly menstrual care.

Brands are also recognizing the different hormonal needs across the menstrual cycle, tailoring products for various stages. Innovations like CBD-infused tampons aim to ease discomfort, and there’s a greater emphasis on understanding the link between menstrual cycles and mental health, offering more information and support.

Wellness Unveiled: 7 Trends Set to Define Health in 2024

As we looked into wellness trends for 2024, we noticed some significant shifts. There’s a growing emphasis on hormone health, a comprehensive approach to sustainability, and a greater recognition of gut health’s importance. The focus on sleep wellness and the popularity of sober-curious lifestyles highlight the pursuit of balance. Also, the rise of AI-driven workouts and boosting energy levels signify a changing wellness landscape, where people focus on new, personalized paths to achieve vitality, balance, and a harmonious connection between mind, body, and spirit.